"Working with Yvonne for over two years has changed my life. Her initial evaluation and flexible plan of service over time has helped me develop breathing capacity, balance, minor pain and stress relief, strength and confidence.

I suffer from asthma and allergies. Yvonne’s work on breath control has enabled me to return to singing after many years. This was a huge gift for me. The Viniyoga tradition of using controlled breathing techniques have become indispensable in dealing with focus, relaxation and self awareness.

Being seventy, I worry about falling and the balance training has given me the confidence to return to walking and dancing, even running a bit. Waking up with a sore back or shoulders is no longer threatening because I have learned sequences of postures that relieve those pains.

I can measure my increase in strength by my ability to hold postures that I struggled with when we first began to work together.

But the greatest gift from Yvonne’s patient, friendly work has been my belief that I can manage my aging body by using the tools she has taught me."

- Chris, 70 (group class student, private therapy client)
Retired Teacher

"I am so thankful that Yvonne was here for me at this time. I hit a dark place in my life. It kind of came out of the blue. The practice I do with Yvonne helped me get away from this state. Just after our first session I already felt so amazing. I started counseling a few months prior to the beginning of my practice with her for my depression. It was very powerful at first and still is, but I started to slip back into that dark place. I am not used to being in a constant state of happiness. Not saying everything is perfect but I learned how to look at things with a different perspective. When I notice a bad thought coming through or a bad situation I literally just think of Yvonne, breathing, yoga, and other simple words that are so powerful for me. She has brought this awareness to me. Being okay is much easier than it ever has been.

I wasn't really sure what to expect from starting this journey. I explored yoga on my own and didn't realize how much I needed the guidance. So, with all the good that came from this another thing that has amazed me is how much my breathing has changed. I learned how to control my anxiety, and learned how to breathe through my nose. I could obviously always breath out of my nose but it always sounded like I had a cold. I felt like I was never getting enough air. With focusing on my breath in the practice it has carried into my everyday activities. I now find myself doing it all day long. Being able to do this helped me control my anxiety. When I am anxious I feel my heart speed up and when I use what I have learned from her I can feel my heartbeat slow back down. Which amazes me! I haven't had much trouble breathing or shortness of breath since I have been working with her.

The energy I get from yoga also astonishes me. When I practice this feeling lingers all day! I have learned patience and so many other things. Like I said I did not know what to expect from this but I am so happy that I attended my first session with her. I was hesitant at first and so happy that I pushed over that. I am more comfortable with life, and looking forward to keep growing from this.

I think a lot of this good change comes from our practice but there is something so special about Yvonne herself. People with a certificate can teach what she does as well, but she has this unique energy or ability to help through her knowledge through her own life experiences. Even when we are not practicing she brings this amazing comfort to me. She heals me with her simply just being her own self. Her words are so wise and comforting. I couldn't be more blessed for her to be a part of my life. I feel like I have woken up. I will never forget this time of my life."

- Ashley, 25 (group class student, private therapy client)
Artist, Administrative Assistant

"After 25+ years of searching, I finally found viniyoga, a practice that calms my mind, soothes my soul and heals my body. I have a very stressful job and I hit the gym four times a week, so “workout yoga” classes were not what my body and mind needed.

Yvonne’s Viniyoga classes are challenging and nourishing. The postures have strengthened my core, which in turn have eliminated years of suffering from a herniated disc and sciatica issues. But most of all, Yvonne’s classes have helped me cope with stress. This breath centric practice has taught me simple postures that I can do at work that help relieve stress, calm my mind and enable me to refocus."

- Andre, 56 (group class student, private therapy client)
Corporate Banker

"Yvonne introduced me to Yoga. Participation in her classes and workshops have increased my physical stamina and mental focus. Yvonne always takes into consideration individual needs and limitations during practice, providing a comfortable and nurturing experience. I have been able to use what I have learned in Yoga to more successfully cope with some recent challenges in my life.

- Linda, 69 (group class student, private therapy client)
Retired Project Manager

"I’m so grateful for the time you shared with me, Yvonne, during a time when I was unable to navigate my own grief and loss. How fortunate I was to have someone show me a way back to caring for my spirit!

There is something very personal about that chant, Yvonne. You brought your yoga to me at a time when I felt very isolated – my life and my independence took a dramatic shift. The fear and loss I felt had no ally – nothing to help ease my fear or sense of helplessness.

The yoga came to me as a tool, something that might help me understand and cope with what I felt I had lost and what I needed to make strong again. But that chant – that was the part that stayed with me after you would leave.

The sound of the chant, the rhythm, that is what I remember from when I was a little girl, lying in the sand…the only sound from my summer window. I can hum that chant and it makes me feel that time again. I was struggling so much this summer, the chant helped me to find a new rhythm in a way."

- Jennifer, 57 (private therapy client)
Administrative Assistant, Artist

"Yvonne Maes is a genuine, compassionate and educated teacher who lives her life according to the principles she teaches. Yvonne creates a safe, comfortable and sacred space for her students of all abilities. In every class, she shares her knowledge and expertise as she guides students through practices created to engage, mind, body and heart. Yvonne is able to tune in and accommodate individual needs through support, education and challenge, with warmth and compassion. I have learned to slow down, focus and use my breath to initiate movement and bring clarity of mind. My physical strength, flexibility, energy level and focus continue to improve. Yvonne inspires me to live more mindfully. I’m always in better place after class."

- Sue, 56 (group class student)

Get ready to breathe, MOVE and dISCOVER!

  • Viniyoga links movement with the breath. This makes the practice more structurally integrated, mindful and powerful.
  • Viniyoga adapts each practice to a student/clients’ ability and needs.
  • Viniyoga eases the body into the postures through the breath with repetition and hold.  This allows the student/client to experience the full benefit from each posture.

Experience the benefits of Viniyoga for yourself!